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News for ice cream parlours
24 March: European Artisan Ice Cream Day The European Day of Artisan Ice Cream, which since 2013 is celebrated on March 24 of every year, was born in 2012 when the European Parliament officially established the "European Day of Artisan Ice Cream" emphasizing, among the reasons, that "among the products "It's a great opportunity for us to be able to do that," he said.
The core for the production of ice cream
With the experience gained from years of work in the laboratory, we developed a new technique for the preparation of the base mix for ice cream, the core. Consists of a pasteurized mixture that good for all types of ice cream, which are all balanced with the same parameters (Sugars - fats - milk solids not fat - total solids - pac). The ice cream products so having all the same features, have a good maintenance in the window and do not give the usual problems (those that tend to be too sugary soft, fatty ones that tend to harden etc.. ). With this processing as well as being faster, it also saves on production costs. How many times have the ice cream maker is having to add milk to lower sugars and / or excess fat? This processing system is used by several ice cream parlors for some years, to our great satisfaction and now we make it available to those who want ice cream change their production.
Offer for recipes "base mix pasteurized core"
Basic recipe pasteurized core with neutral (without the support of semi-finished bases) with relative ice cream recipes developed one flavor at a cost of € 500,00 + VAT.
INTENSIVE COURSES: in our laboratory from half-day.
Producing light ice cream Sugar free / milk-free and lactose-free / no animal fat / no semi-finished bases.
"Take down the production costs!"
Preparation of semifreddo according to the natural method of M° Ciotola