School of artisan ice cream

Courses and expert advice for Italian homemade ice cream production
Course of homemade ice cream
The real Italian homemade ice cream is a high quality nutritional product made up of absolutely natural and fresh raw materials. An authentic master ice cream maker is able to create the ice cream he wishes from raw materials: he creates a one and only new product (homemade) balancing according to the criteria of technique and chemistry he learned during his training and joining them according to the typical creativity of a craftsman.Italian homemade ice cream is living a renaissance in global production landscape thanks to high economic returns and the rediscovery of crafts and creative works that know how to blend tradition and innovation.

Thanks to ”” you ll know master ice cream makers who will able to convey their own knowledge to you, guiding you in learning the art and they will able to compare themselves with what you need even if you are already an ice cream maker, sharing recipes and techniques, according to their totally homemade way to work, without the support of semi-prepared basis, with advantages both professional (total manufacturing independence) and economics (reduction of production costs).

70th anniversary 1945 / 2015 70 years of ice cream art at your service!
Old crafts, new opportunities of work! Invest your future in an handmade crafts full of creativity and innovation: ”the ice cream master”.

A good ice cream can´t and mustn´t be considered a random mixture of ingredients. You will be able to obtain a product with the characteristics you wish only balancing quantitatively and on a quality level the several components of the mixture.