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Recipes of sorbets and drinks with slush

Pear and grappa sorbet:
Preparing for pan 1 grams to 4000 Ingredients:
sugar syrup at 27°Bé gr. 1800
flesh of pear gr. 1600
water gr. 500
lemon juice gr. 40
grappa gr. 60
blend the pear with the lemon juice - add the sugar syrup mix well and amalgamate - add the grappa a little at a time while you amalgamate.

Ice cream and caramel fleur de sel:
Preparing for pan 1 grams to 1000 Ingredients:
Fresh whole milk gr. 600
Cream 35% fat gr. 175
Low Fat Milk Powder gr. 40
Carafin gr. 125
dextrose gr. 20
invert sugar gr. 30
Neutral + emulsifier gr. 10
Bring all ingredients to 85°. When the mixture is pasteurized cooling it to 4° and let it rest.Filter through and stir. Remove the ice at -7°/-8°and variegate (three layers) with Kandis and Fleur de sel. Breaking down for 5 minutes
N.B. For the variegation:100 gr. Kandis to add 10 gr. Fleur de sel.
Drink with pink grapefruit granita and tonic:
A very fresh and non-alcoholic drink - Pressed pink grapefruit 1/3 - Tonic water 1/3 - Lemon granita q.b.

Drink with crushed ice and mint iced tea bag:
Iced tea and mint liqueur lot
A refreshing drink alcohol
-iced tea -Lemon granita q.b. - 20cl. liquor mint lot
You can also substitute the lemon granita with strawberry granita.